About Early Galaxy Paranormal Network

It came to light that there might just need to be a network to encompass the few domains and netcasts that Frychester started. You have to keep up with the Art Bell's of the World in a way. At least do what you can do.CR7 Early Galaxy

By chance this name came to Frychester. It was Friday, June, 19th, 2015. Searching for articles, images, who knows what. He found a spectacular image of a newly discovered galaxy. From the Ancient Universe. Wow it affected him the second he saw it. It was the CR7 Galaxy. It was newly found and said to be three times brighter than the brightest distant galaxy known.

He was so affected by this image of this Early Galaxy. It is said to be 13 Billion Light Years away! Wow can you believe that? Talk about being far away from Earth. Just go research it this exciting discovery. So with the interest in this new discovery he thought that Early Galaxy could be a good name for a domain idea. Sure he checked on other names that went along with it like Ancient Universe, Early Universe, and Ancient Galaxy. They were all taken anyway. But what was left was possibly the best name for Frychester's network, Early Galaxy. This was discovered Friday the 19th of June, 2015 but he thought he would give it some time to fermant to make sure it was the right name for such a great enterprise.

So there you go Frychester's Early Galaxy Paranormal Network was born. A good name to hold UFO Glow, Astral News, netcasts under its paranormal umbrella. Sometimes ideas just fall into place. Come to you from the stars above. Not even trying you will be affected by ideas. The light bulb of thought goes off and you just know it is right.


Business Model and Aproach


Frychester Paranoram Talk Show Host. Owner or CEO.

NETWORK name: Early Galaxy-Paranormal Network

Domain names: UfoGlow.com, AstralNews.com, AstralWorship.com, ProjectSaucer.com.

Netcasts of Focus:

Ufo Glow- Show on UFO's, Flying Saucers, UFO or Alien related Movies, Books, Alien Aduction, NASA, Life on other planets.

Astral News- Paranormal, Legendary Creatures, Oddities, NASA, UFO's, Science.










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